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Platos Staat interaktiv (Projekt-Seminar Hrachovec 2008/09)

on-line spielen

Re:Public. Philosophy and Interactive Fiction by Hannes ALKIN, Tobias HAIDER & Andreas KIRCHNER

"Over the course of our work we came to treat Plato's political vision as a thought experiment within the IF – as it is presented as a thought experiment within the dialogue – and confront it with a situation that presses the protagonist toward an unjust action. Eventually we set the plot in an amusement park where the player is encouraged to sneak into a magical ghost train without paying. The protagonist (who is actually referred to by the name Gyges) gets caught by a policewoman who inexplicably distracts the owner and shoves the protagonist into the ghost train, where without further explanation he is transferred to four consecutive scenes that are all set in a Platonic state, demonstrating aspects such as eugenics, the treatment of the sick, the division of labor, education, the freedom of art or community. Finally, he gets to reflect on his experiences with the policewoman."

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