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Ein Zusatz zur Standardbibliothek ist die Einführung von "subjects". In diesem Ausschnitt kann man tippen "think about escape". Man braucht dazu die extension Epistemology

"Crito" by The Platonists

Include Epistemology by Eric Eve.

Thinking about is an action applying to one visible thing.
Understand "think about [any thing]" as thinking about.
        Understand "think about [any known thing]" as thinking about.
Report thinking about something unknown:
        say "[no thoughts]"
Report thinking about something known:
        say "[the thought of the noun][paragraph break]"
A thing has a text called thought.
Pondering is an action applying to one topic.
Understand "think about [text]" as pondering.
Report pondering:
        say "[no thoughts]"
To say no thoughts:
        say "You have no thoughts on that subject right now."

[Cell of Socrates]

Cell of Socrates is a room. 

In the Cell of Socrates is a man called Soc. the description of Soc is "he is fast asleep."

Description of Cell is "You sit down and look at the old man lying on the floor. After waiting for some time Socrates turns and looks at you.

'Why have you come at this hour, Crito? It must be quite early.' Socrates says.

'Yes, certainly.' you answer.

'What is the exact time?'

'The dawn is breaking.'

'I wonder why the keeper of the prison would let you in.' Socrates asks.

'He knows me because I often come, Socrates. Moreover, I have done him a kindness.' you say. "

Escape is a subject. The thought is "Socrates is endangering the good reputation of his friends. If Socrates is executed, Crito will appear to honor money over friends. Crito considers this reputation shameful and damaging even though it will be the opinion of those who do not know Socrates and Crito adequately, namely, the many. One must respect the opinions of the many because they can bring about great evils."

Bribery is a subject.

The thought is "The Guards could be bribed easily - and honestly, quite cheap. Thessaly would be a safe haven for Socrates."

Responsibility is a subject.

The thought is "Socrates would be acting unjustly by not fulfilling his parental obligations or his obligations as a teacher. His children and his students need Socrates as an idol."

Injustice is a subject.

The thought is "Socrates would be acting cowardly by not resisting injustices (implying that the court decision and Socrates' subsequent execution are unjust). He would be joining his enemies. He is choosing the 'easiest path' instead of the courageous, honorable and virtuous path, which you feel is to flee from certain, unjust death."

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