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== Initial appearance ==
== Initial appearance ==

Version vom 6. März 2009, 20:52 Uhr

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Initial appearance

  • Wenn nach einer Raum-Instanz wie My house is a room, ein Text wie "Schönes, großes Haus." kommt, dann wird der Text der Description-Property zugewiesen.
  • Wenn nach einer Objekt-Instanz wie The apple is a thing. so ein Text kommt, dann wird er der "Initial Appearance"-property zugewiesen. Wenn das Ding von der Spielerin aufgehoben wird, wird AFAIK der Initial appearance-text ausgegeben.

Nicht ganz. Die initial appearance wird auf den Befehl "look" hin ausgegeben, wenn das Ding sich im Raum befindet und der Spieler das Ding noch nie in der Hand hatte (wird über die property "handled" geregelt):

"Don't pick the flowers"

The meadow is a room. "You are standing in a green meadow full of flowers. You might see a sign if you look close enough." 

The sign is scenery in the meadow. "'Please don't pick the flowers.'"

The edelweiss is in the meadow. "An edelweiss is rooted firmly in the ground, sprouting delicate petals." The description is "The edelweiss is sprouting delicate petals that may or may not be tattered by an unhandy hand. It may or may not be rooted firmly in the ground."

The gentian is in the meadow. "A gentian is rooted firmly in the ground, sprouting delicate petals." The description is "[if handled]The gentian is severed from its roots[else]The gentian is rooted firmly in the ground[end if]. The petals are [if handled]tattered by an unhandy hand[else]almost too delicate to touch[end if]."

test me with "look / x sign / x edelweiss / take edelweiss  / look / drop edelweiss / x edelweiss / look / x gentian / take gentian / x gentian / look / drop gentian / x it / look".

[Initially I wrote:
The sign is scenery in the meadow. "A wooden sign would strike your eye if it wasn't scenery." The description is "'Please don't pick the flowers.'" 
But this led to:
Problem. You wrote '"A wooden sign would strike your eye if it wasn't scenery."'  , but in another sentence 'The description is "'Please don't pick the flowers.'"'  : but this looks like a contradiction, because the same property seems to be being set in each of these sentences, but with a different outcome.
Thus, as "scenery" means that the initial appearance is never printed, a scenery thing doesn't have an initial appearance at all, rather, the text after the naming of the object is treated in the description, like with rooms.
Also, the English word for "Edelweiss" appears to be "edelweiss".]

--H.A.L. 12:15, 6. Mär. 2009 (UTC)