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Anmerkung: Hier eine erste Fassung der Übersetzung des Szenarios zur Frauengemeinschaft. Ich habe versucht das ganze so anzulegen, dass es mehr oder weniger direkt in den IF code kopiert werden kann. Deshalb meine Bitte an die devs, mir Bescheid zu geben, ob es in dieser Form zu gebrauchen ist. Danke:)

Eine wirklich gute englische Fassung! Ich habe wenige Verbesserungen direkt in den Text geschrieben. --anna 06:17, 18. Jun. 2009 (UTC)

Scenario: Marital Collective

As you pass the doorway, you once again feel a strange chill crawling up your spine. You find yourself surrounded by massive walls, their grey, cold presence absorbing the light and warmth of the dawning day. Your body is that of a young man, a boy almost, warmblooded, youthful still, yet strong and tender. You feel intimitated and cold. It’s a strange place. You don’t belong here, still you can’t leave. The urge to explore this unholy place pulls you deeper into the confines of the walls.

Suddenly you notice a group of people walking past you in a distance. Fortunately, they don’t seem to have noticed you. You hide and watch them closely. A young female amongst them catches your eye, her unspeakable beauty leaves you paralyzed for the moment.

You cautiously follow them from a safe distance and observe them entering a big, leveled building. Peeking through one of the few windows you catch a glimpse of the room inside. A group of both man and women are exercising their bodies. Much to your surprise, all of them completely naked. Suddenly, the firm touch of a strong hand on your shoulder disrupts your voyeurism. A tall, strong man looks down upon you, with a kind, yet challenging stare. It is a guard.

Guard: What is it you’re looking for, young man?

1) Boy: Please excuse me, I am simply struck with awe. Never before have I laid eye upon such a sight. Tell me, please, why are these men and women exercising alongside each other, as if it were the most common of sights? Guard: Don’t you realize this facility is restricted solely to Guards? If you are not a Guard, I advise you to leave quickly. Besides, aren’t you supposed to be working? Show me your pass! Boy: Silly me, I must have left it at home. Let me get it for you, kind Sir! You hurry to get out of the Guard’s line of sight, just to hide behind a corner, waiting for the young woman to leave the hall.

2) Boy: Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just a bit curious. You hurry to get out of the Guard’s line of sight, just to hide behind a corner, waiting for the young woman to leave the hall.

3) Boy: I’d like to get some exercise. So if you don’t mind, I’d like to get in. Guard: As I do not know you, it is my obligation to verify your identity. So if you could please show me your pass? Boy: Oh Silly me! I must have left it at home. Let me get it for you, kind Sir! You hurry to get out of the Guard’s line of sight, just to hide behind a corner, waiting for the young woman to leave the hall.

You hide in a safe distance, your eyes fixed on the entrance to the hall. Long after sundown, the group of people you saw enter earlier, exits the hall, and so does your main focus of interest, the young beautiful woman. Even in the dark, her beauty is well noticeable, and a strong sense of grace emanates from her silhouette, despite her wearing a bunch of simple rags, just like her fellow townsfolk.

You follow them again to another flat building, this one being noticeably smaller in size and with its windows behind thick metal bars. Your hands take a firm grip around these metal bars, as you pull yourself up to take a peek inside.

Inside, a large group of men and women is kneeling on the bare floor, engaging in a simple meal, consisting of bread, meat and water, none of them speaking a single word. They all follow the same procedure: After they are done eating, they immediately lie down on the very spot they kneeled down to eat before. You notice a single man standing up amongst them, leaving the hall and heading straight towards the town walls. You sit down beneath the window, waiting for the young woman to leave the hall. Soon, your fatigue overwhelms your will and you fall asleep.

You awake to the creaking sound of a door being opened. It is the young woman, leaving the hall. It must be the middle of the night, a small candle dimly lights her way. You follow her closely, trying your best not to get lost in the dark.

After a while you reach a sturdy, stony watchtower, the woman opens the solid wooden door with ease and starts to climb the stairs within the tower. You put your foot in the doorway to prevent the door from falling shut, waiting for the right moment to slip through and close in on the girl within the tower. You find her up on a small plateau, her face pointing towards the floor. She seems to be crying.

-> continuation

[Go to girl/woman] You approach her carefully, holding your breath. You are almost near enough to reach her now, and as she turns her head up slowly, you can see that her eyes are soaked with tears. The moment she notices you behind her, she gets up in one swift motion and quickly wipes the tears off her face. She is staring you directly in the eye - a cold, staggering glance.

[Conversation] [Options a) apologize to her b) try to calm her down]

a) You: “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to startle you. It just broke my heart to see you cry. May I ask what is bothering you?” Girl: “Why should you care? You are a stranger to me. You know, it would cost me merely a word to have you arrested, or even killed.”

[offer help] You: “Haven’t you been taught to take kindly to strangers? Surely, I could not find it in my heart to harm you, but go on; have me arrested if you must. But before you do, hear me out: I want to do whatever I can do help you, as you obviously are in pain.” Girl: “And how could you do that? You cannot possibly give back to me what I have lost.” You: “Even if I could only help to mildly ease your pain, your words won’t have been in vain. You have nothing to lose here, have you?”

[… She tells her story]

b) You: “Please, I don’t mean to do you any harm. I am a stranger, a traveller, who stumbled upon your town.” Girl: “Well, stranger, you really have no business up here on our watchtower, talking to me. You better give me a good reason, why I shouldn’t kill you on the spot.”

[try again] You: “Well, how would you benefit from killing me now? Obviously I am in no position to harm you, or your town. Why should you hurt me, if I do not pose any threat to you?” You notice the tension slowly vanishing from her face, while a sense of sadness returns in her facial expression. [ask her what is upsetting her] You: “I can see that you are sad, and it hurts me to see a young life so deeply saddened. But, please, tell me, what is the cause of your suffering?”

[…her story] Girl: “You see, I’m nineteen years old now. I led a quiet, joyful life here in our republic until the day I turned sixteen. It was then, that a government-sent messenger came and told me that I was destined to get pregnant. I did not know what to think, but in a way, I was excited. Of course, I had no idea of what was about to unfold upon me.

[ask about husband] You: “But, of course, you knew your husband before, right?” Girl: “I might have seen him, I don’t know, I have not seen him since however. The whole thing was over before it began and a few days later, I realised there was a new life growing inside of me. My life changed this very day and I find myself asking the same questions ever since: Who was my mother, who my father? I was an orphan and become the mother of an orphan - will this be my child’s fate as well?

[ask about mother] You: “I don’t understand. Don’t you know your own mother?” Girl: “No one here does. Everyone was brought up by maids, and so will be my child. It was taken away from me, the moment I gave birth. A few days later, I was sent back to service. They expect me to go on living like nothing ever happened, but I just can’t. Every night I climb this tower, not because it is my duty, but because it is the sole retreat I have. I cannot show my grief towards the other guards; I cannot allow myself to show any signs of weakness. I’ve been living like this for three years now, crying through these nightshifts, only to barely make it through another day in my life.”

To be continued