Alice: Through the Looking Glass, Quelltext (Code)

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! Through the Looking-Glass
! An Inform tutorial by Gareth Rees and Doug Atkinson
! All rights given away
! Version 4

Switches v5;
Constant DEBUG;
Constant Headline "^An Interactive Tutorial^by Gareth Rees and Doug \

Include "parser";
Include "verblib";
Include "grammar";

[ Initialise;
    location = Drawing_Room;
    print "^^^^^It's a cold winter day outside, but in the \
        looking-glass house it's summer. All you need to do is \
        pretend there's a way of getting through into it \

[ UntangleSub; "What curious ideas you have!"; ];

[ ReflectSub;
if (second ~= mirror) "What a strange idea!";
if (noun == hearth or mirror || (player notin mantelpiece &&
player notin armchair && player notin table))
"You ca'n't see that in the looking-glass.";
print "The looking-glass ";
if (noun == player) print "Alice"; else PrintShortName(noun);
if (player in mantelpiece) " looks very misty and blurred.";
print " looks just like the real ";
if (noun == player) print "Alice";
else PrintShortName(noun);
" only all reversed, left for right."; ];

[ WriteSub; "You've spent the last week in lessons, and have written quite \
             enough compositions for a while, thank you.";

[ ReadSub; "There's nothing written on that.";

[ CurtseySub; "You bob up and down in place.";

Extend "look"
    * "at" noun "in" noun -> Reflect;

Extend "examine"
    * noun "in" noun -> Reflect;

Extend "read" replace
    * noun -> Read
    * noun "in" noun -> Reflect;

Verb "curtsy" "curtsey"
    *           -> Curtsey
    * noun      -> Curtsey
    * "at" noun -> Curtsey
    * "to" noun -> Curtsey;

Verb "roll" "untangle" "wind"
    * noun -> Untangle
    * "up" noun -> Untangle
    * noun "up" -> Untangle;

Verb "write"
    * noun -> Write
    * "on" noun -> Write
    * "on" noun "with" noun -> Write;

Object  Drawing_Room "Drawing room"
 has    light
 with   name "snow",
        description "The gentle sound of snow against the window pane \
            suggests that it's cold outside, and you're glad to be \
            here in the warmth. The drawing-room is reflected in the \
            large looking-glass on the wall above the mantelpiece, \
            and a very comfortable room it is too, with a warm \
            hearth, a soft rug and an arm-chair that you can curl up \
            and sleep in.",
        before [;
            if (player in mantelpiece && (action == ##Exit ||
                (action == ##Go && noun == d_obj or out_obj)))
                "That's not the way to get down from a mantelpiece!";
            if (player in mantelpiece &&
                action ~= ##Examine or ##Enter or ##Go &&
                action ~= ##ThrownAt or ##ThrowAt or ##Reflect)
                if ((noun > 0 && noun notin mantelpiece &&
                    noun ~= mantelpiece or mirror && noun notin player) ||
                    (second > 0 && second notin mantelpiece &&
                    second ~= mantelpiece or mirror && second notin player))
                    "Not from up here you ca'n't!";

Object  red_queen "red queen"
 has    female
 with   name "red" "queen",
        describe [;
            if (white_kitten.state == 1 || black_kitten.state == 1)
        description "She's a fierce little chess piece.",
        after [;
            if (white_kitten.state == 1)
                white_kitten.state = 3;
            if (black_kitten.state == 1)
                black_kitten.state = 3;
            if (second == chess_board)
                "Alone on the chess board, the red queen is monarch of \
                all she surveys.";

Object  chess_board "chess board" Drawing_Room
 has    supporter
 with   name "chess" "board" "checker" "chequer" "chessboard",
        initial "An abandoned chess board lies on the floor.",
        description "It's left here from the game you were playing \
            just now, but the pieces are all missing - the kittens \
            will insist on playing with them.";

Object  hearth "hearth" Drawing_Room
 has    scenery
 with   name "hearth" "fire" "place" "fireplace";

Object  rug "rug" Drawing_Room
 has    concealed static supporter enterable
        ! general if you've found the red queen under it
 with   name "hearthrug" "hearth-rug" "rug" "indian" "arabian" "beautiful"
        description "It's a beautiful rug, made in some far off \
            country, perhaps India or Araby, wherever those might \
        before [;
         Take: "The rug is much too large and heavy for you to carry.";
         Push,Pull: "But a hearth-rug is meant to be next to the \
            if (player in mantelpiece || player in armchair)
                "You're unable to reach the rug from here.";
            if (player in self)
                "You try to lift up a corner of the rug, but fail. After \
                a while, you realise that this is because you are \
                standing on it. How curious the world is!";
            if (self hasnt general) {
                give self general;
                move red_queen to player;
                "You lift up a corner of the rug and, peering \
                underneath, discover the red queen from the chess \
                set.  You pick her up.";

Object  armchair "arm-chair" Drawing_Room
 has    static concealed supporter enterable
        ! general if its by the mantelpiece
 with   name "arm" "chair" "armchair" "arm-chair",
        description [;
            print "It's a huge arm-chair, the perfect place for a kitten \
                or a little girl to curl up in and doze. It has been \
                pushed over to the ";
            if (self has general) "fireplace.";
        before [ i;
            if (player notin Drawing_Room)
                print_ret "You'll have to get off ", (the) parent(player),
                    " first.";
            if (white_kitten in player || black_kitten in player)
                "Not with a kitten in your arms!";
            if (white_kitten.state == 3) i = white_kitten;
            else if (black_kitten.state == 3) i = black_kitten;
            if (i ~= 0)
                print_ret "You are about to start moving the chair when you \
                    notice that ", (the) i, " is right in the way. It's a \
                    good thing you spotted it, or you would have squashed \
                    flat the poor little thing.";
            if (self has general) {
                give self ~general;
                "You push the arm-chair away from the hearth.";
            give self general;
            "You push the arm-chair over to the hearth.";
            move player to armchair;
            "You jump into the warm and comfortable arm-chair.";

Object  mantelpiece "mantelpiece" Drawing_Room
 has    concealed supporter enterable
 with   name "mantel" "mantelpiece" "chimney" "chimneypiece",
        description "It's higher off the ground than your head, but \
            it looks wide enough and sturdy enough to support you.",
        before [;
            if (player notin armchair)
                "The mantelpiece is much too high to climb up onto.";
            if (armchair hasnt general)
                "You ca'n't reach the mantelpiece from here.";
            if (children(player) > 0)
                "Your hands are too full.";
            move player to mantelpiece;
            "You scramble up onto the mantelpiece.";
            if (player notin self && (player notin armchair ||
                armchair hasnt general))
                "The mantelpiece is so high that you ca'n't reach.";
        found_in Drawing_Room Gniward_Room;

Object  mirror "looking-glass"
 has    static concealed
 with   name "mirror" "looking" "glass" "looking-glass",
        description [;
            if (player in mantelpiece)
                "Strangely, the glass is beginning to melt away, \
                just like a bright silvery mist.";
            if (player in armchair)
                "In the looking-glass you can see the drawing-room of \
                the looking-glass house. What you can see is very \
                much the same as this drawing-room, only all \
                reversed, left for right. But you are sure that out \
                of the corners of the glass, where you ca'n't see, the \
                looking-glass world is quite different from yours.";
            "In the looking-glass you can see the ceiling of the \
            drawing-room of the looking-glass house. It looks much \
            the same as the ceiling of your drawing-room.";
        before [;
            if (action ~= ##Examine or ##ThrownAt or ##Reflect &&
                player notin mantelpiece)
                "You ca'n't reach the looking-glass from where you're \
            "Your hand goes right through the silvery mist!";
         ThrownAt: "You don't want seven years' bad luck, do you?";
           print "Your hand goes right through the silvery mist, and in \
            another moment the rest of you follows, and you are \
            through the glass...^\
^          *           *           *           *           *           *\
^                *           *           *           *            *     \
^          *           *           *           *           *           *^";
            PlayerTo(Gniward_Room); rtrue;
        found_in Drawing_Room Gniward_Room;

Object  worsted "ball of worsted" Drawing_Room
        ! general if its in a tangle
 with   name "ball" "of" "worsted" "fine" "blue" "wool",
        describe [;
            if (white_kitten.state ~= 2 &&
                black_kitten.state ~= 2)
                "^A discarded ball of worsted lies on the floor here.";
        description [;
            if (self has general)
                "It's in a terrible tangle. All that time you spent \
                rolling it up, and now look at it!";
            "It's a ball of fine blue wool, all rolled up in preparation \
            for some embroidery.";
        before [;
            give self ~general;
            "You're as quick as can be at rolling up balls of wool, \
            though you say so yourself! Soon it's neat and tidy again.";
        after [;
            if (white_kitten.state == 2)
                white_kitten.state = 3;
            if (black_kitten.state == 2)
                black_kitten.state = 3;

Object  chess_pieces "chess pieces" Drawing_Room
 has    scenery
 with   parse_name [ w colour n;
            w = NextWord();
            if (w == 'white' or 'red') {
                n ++;
                colour = w;
                w = NextWord();
            if (w == 'pawn' or 'rook' or 'castle' ||
                w == 'knight' or 'horse' or 'bishop' ||
                w == 'king' || (w == 'queen' &&
                (colour == 'white' || rug hasnt general))) return n + 1;
            return 0;
        before [;
            "Alas, that chess piece seems to be missing. Those \
            naughty kittens!";

Object  window "window" Drawing_Room
 has    scenery
 with   name "window" "pane",
        description "Outside the window it's snowing gently, and you're \
            glad to be in here in the warmth.",
        before [;
         Open: "You wouldn't want to catch a chill, would you?  Better \
            leave the window shut.";
         Search: <<Examine self>>;

Property pleased; !0=not pleased, 1=pleased
Property other_kitten;
Property state; ! 1=red queen, 2=ball of wool, 3=arm-chair, 0=held

Class   Kitten_Class
 has    animate
        ! general if it's been described this turn
 with   parse_name [ w ok n;
            do {
                ok = 0;
                w = NextWord();
                if (w == 'kittens' or 'cats') {
                    ok = 1; n++; parser_action=##PluralFound;
                if (w == 'kitten' or 'kitty' or 'cat' ||
                    w == ((self.&name)-->0)) {
                    ok = 1; n++;
            } until (ok == 0);
            return n;
        state 3,
        describe [ i;
            switch (self.state) {
             1: print_ret "^A ", (name) self, " is playing with the red \
             2: print_ret "^A ", (name) self, " is playing with a ball of \
             3: if (self has general) rtrue;
                if ((self.other_kitten).state == 3) {
                    i = self.other_kitten;
                    give i general;
                    "^Two kittens, one white and one black, are playing \
                    together by the arm-chair.";
                print_ret "^A ", (name) self, " is playing by the \
             default: rtrue;
        description [;
            print_ret "What a beautiful kitten ", (the) self, " is. Why, \
                it's quite definitely your favourite of the pair, and \
                much prettier than that naughty ", (name)
                self.other_kitten, ".";
        life [;
            print_ret (The) self, " twitches its whiskers and looks at \
                you with such a clever expression that you are certain it \
                understands every word you are saying.";
            print_ret "You give ", (the) self, " a little kiss on its \
                nose, and it looks sweetly and demurely at you.";
         Attack: "You would never do such a beastly thing to such \
            a defenceless little animal!";
            print_ret (The) self, " bats a paw at ", (the) noun, ".";
            if (noun ~= red_queen or worsted) {
                if (action == ##ThrowAt) {
                    move noun to Drawing_Room;
                    print "You toss ", (the) noun, " onto the floor, but ",
                        (the) self;
                else print (The) self,
                " just examines ", (the) noun, " with a \
                    quizzical expression.";
            print "You toss ", (the) noun, " onto the floor and ", (the) self;
            if (self in player)
                print " squirms out of your grasp and";
            move noun to Drawing_Room;
            move self to Drawing_Room;
            print " scampers after it";
            if (noun == worsted) {
                give worsted general;
                self.state = 2;
                print ", quickly turning the neat ball into a tangle";
            else self.state = 1;
        before [;
            if (self.other_kitten in player)
                "You ca'n't hold two kittens at once!";
            self.state = 0;
            move self to player;
            print_ret "You pick up ", (the) self, ". What a beautiful \
                creature it is!";
        after [;
            self.state = 3;
            move self to Drawing_Room;
            print_ret (The) self, " squirms out of your arms and scampers \
            self.state = 3;
            print (The) self, " jumps off ", (the) parent(self);
            move self to Drawing_Room;
            ", landing lightly on the floor before scampering away.";
        daemon [ i;
            give self ~general;
            self.number = 1 - self.number;
            if (self.number == 1 || random(3) == 2) rtrue;
            print (The) self;
            switch (self.state) {
             0: switch(random(5)) {
                 1: " mews plaintively.";
                 2: " purrs quietly to itself.";
                 3: " purrs contentedly to itself.";
                 4: " rubs its ears against you.";
                 5: move self to Drawing_Room;
                    self.state = 3;
                    " squirms out of your arms and scampers away.";
             1: switch (random(5)) {
                 1: " bats at the red queen with its paw.";
                 2: " stops playing and sits up, pretending to be \
                    innocent of any kittenish tendancies.";
                 3: " knocks the red queen across the floor and chases \
                    after it.";
                 4: " stops to wash itself.";
                 5: " bites the red queen and shakes it to make sure that \
                    it's dead.";
             2: give worsted general;
                switch (random(5)) {
                 1: " bats at the ball of worsted with its paw.";
                 2: " pushes the ball of worsted across the floor and \
                    chases after it.";
                 3: " leaps onto the ball of worsted and grapples bravely \
                    with it.";
                 4: " jumps into the ball of worsted and gets tangled up \
                    in a mess of threads.";
                 5: " stops playing and scratches its ears.";
             3: if ((self.other_kitten).state == 3 && random(2) == 1) {
                    i = random(5);
                    switch (i) {
                     1: print " chases after ";
                     2: print " jumps on top of ";
                     3: print " washes ";
                     4: print " scampers around the arm-chair and ";
                     5: print " bats at ";
                    print (the) self.other_kitten;
                    switch (i) {
                     1,3: ".";
                     2: " and they roll around on the floor.";
                     4: " chases after it.";
                     5: " with its paw.";
                switch (random(5)) {
                 1: " scampers after a speck of dust.";
                 2: " rolls around on the floor.";
                 3: " sits up and washes its tail.";
                 4: " scratches its head on the arm-chair.";
                 5: " chases its tail.";

Object  white_kitten "white kitten" Drawing_Room
 class  Kitten_Class
 with   name "white",
        number 0,
        other_kitten black_kitten;

Object  black_kitten "black kitten" Drawing_Room
 class  Kitten_Class
 with   name "black",
        number 1,
        other_kitten white_kitten;

Object Gniward_Room "Looking-Glass Room"
  with description "This is like your drawing-room, but the parts \
                    that ca'n't be seen from the old room are \
                    curiously different.  The pictures on the wall \
                    seem to wink at you, and the view out the window \
                    is one of gardens in summer-time.  There is no \
                    fire in the hearth, but a pile of cinders with \
                    chess-pieces crawling through the grate.^^There \
                    is a staircase leading south to the outdoors; \
                    after spending all day indoors, an afternoon in \
                    in the gardens seems inviting.",
       before [;
         Go: if ((noun == s_obj || noun == d_obj) && white_king in player)
         "The White King struggles in your hands as you approach the \
          doorway.  You ca'n't bear to see the poor thing so unhappy.";
  s_to Back_door, d_to Back_door
   has light;

Object grate "grate" Gniward_Room
  with description "Your housekeeper would never tolerate such a \
                    mess in your grate.  The cinders are heaped \
                    all about, and pose an obstacle for the chess-\
                    pieces walking about arm in arm.",
       name "hearth" "grate" "fireplace" "fire" "place",
       before [;
         PutOn: "That would only get it dirty.";
         Enter: "You would get ashes all over your dress.";
       after [;
         Examine: if (white_king in grate) print
               "The White King is here, crawling very slowly from bar to \
   has supporter scenery;

Object table "table" Gniward_Room
  with description "This mahogany table has no equivalent in your old room.  \
                    It is long and low, and sits before the hearth.",
       name "table" "low",
       before [;
         Push, Pull: "But if you did that, someone in your old room \
                      would be able to see it, and there isn't a \
                      table like this in your old room to reflect.  \
                      It makes you quite confused to consider what \
                      might happen then.";
         Climb, Enter: move player to table;
                "You clamber onto the table."; ],
   has enterable static supporter;

Nearby book "book"
  with description "It seems to be a book of poetry, but there's no \
                    title or author.",
       before [;
         Read: "It's written in some language you don't know.  The first \
                verse looks like this:^^               \
                                      .YKCOWREBBAJ^^     \
                         sevot yhtils eht dna ,gillirb sawT'^  \
                      ;ebaw eht ni elbmig dna eryg diD^          \
                              ,sevogorob eht erew ysmim llA^      \
                          .ebargtuo shtar emom eth dnA";
         Reflect: if (second ~= mirror) "What a strange idea!";
                  if (player notin table)
                  "You ca'n't see that in the looking-glass.";
                  "The book is reversed in the mirror; you can read it \
                   now!  The first verse of the poem reads:^^            \
                                      JABBERWOCKY.^^ \
                        'Twas brilling, and the slithy toves^       \
                              Did gyre and gimble in the wabe^  \
                         All mimsy were the borogoves,^       \
                              And the mome raths outgrabe.^^\
                         It goes on for a while, but you ca'n't seem \
                         to make it out at all."; ],
       name "book" "poetry";

Object chessmen "chess pieces" grate
  with parse_name [ w colour n;
                    w = NextWord();
                    if (w == 'white' or 'red') {
                    n ++; colour = w;
                    w = NextWord();            }
                    if (w == 'pawn' or 'rook' or 'castle' ||
                    w == 'knight' or 'horse' or 'bishop' ||
                    (w == 'king' && (colour == 'red')) || (w == 'queen' &&
                    (colour == 'white')))
                    return n + 1; return 0; ],
       description "Knights and bishops, castles and pawns, walking \
                    arm in arm through the grating.",
       before [;
         Take: "They seem content as they are."; ],
   has scenery;

Object white_king "White King" grate
  with description "A miniature monarch in white, about as long as \
                    your hand.",
       name "white" "king",
       life [;
         Ask,Answer,Order,Give,Show: "The White King doesn't seem to be able \
                                      to see or hear you.";
         Kiss: "The King looks around in astonishment at being kissed by a \
                giant pair of invisible lips.";
         ThrowAt, Attack: "Attacking an adult is rude.  Attacking royalty \
                           is treason.";
       before [;
         Drop: "What, on the floor?  That would be rude!";
         PutOn: if (second==table) { print
               "He looks about to see who moved him to the table, \
                but seems unable to see you.  After collecting his \
                thoughts for a moment, he pulls a stub of pencil \
                from his robes and writes a memorandum to himself.  \
                He places the memorandum beneath his robes, dropping \
                the pencil as he does so.  A feeling of exhaustion seems \
                to overcome him, for he lies down and immediately falls \
                asleep.^"; move pencil to table; move white_king to table;
                rtrue; }
                else "He doesn't seem to want to go there.";
         Take: if (white_king in table) "Don't disturb him, he's asleep.";
               else print "You take up the king between thumb and \
               forefinger.  He seems startled, and looks towards the table \
               yearningly.^"; move white_king to player; rtrue;

       after [;
         Examine: if (white_king in grate) print
                  "He seems to be crawling towards the table, but makes \
                   little progress.^";
                  if (white_king in table) print
                  "He's on his back with his crown pulled over his face, \
                   snoring gently.^";
   has animate concealed;

Object pencil "pencil"
  with description "A tiny nubbin of a pencil.",
       name "pencil" "nubbin";

Object  wodniw "window" Gniward_Room
 has    scenery
 with   name "window" "pane",
        description "Outside it's warm and sunny, and you're eager to \
                     explore the gardens.",
        before [;
         Open: "Unfortunately, it's stuck.";
         Search: <<Examine self>>;

Object pictures "pictures" Gniward_Room
  with description "When you look away from them, the eyes seem to move; \
                    but when you turn directly at them, they're still.  \
                    No matter how quick you are, you ca'n't seem to catch \
                    them in motion.",
       name "pictures" "picture" "frame" "photo" "photos" "photographs",
   has scenery;

Object Back_door "Back Door"
  with description "You can see a bit of the gardens out the \
                    doorway.  You'd get a better view from the top \
                    of the hill to your east.",
       after [;
         Go: if ((noun == s_obj || noun == d_obj) && Back_door hasnt visited)
         print "You don't have to run down the stairs; you just keep your \
         fingertips on the hand-rail, and float down the stairs and \
         through the hall.  You manage to catch yourself on the \
         door-post of the ^";
    e_to Flowers, n_to Gniward_Room, u_to Gniward_Room
    has light;

Object Flowers "Flower Garden"
  with description "A tiger-lily towers over this flower-bed, which \
                    is filled with roses and daisies.",
       after [;
         Go: if (noun==e_obj) print
         "It's the most frustrating thing!  You start out for the \
          hill-top, but the path seems to twist in and out like a \
          corkscrew, and you keep returning to the house. Finally, \
          you find yourself in a...^";
  w_to Back_door, cant_go "You start to head in that direction, but the \
                           path gives itself a little shake and you find \
                           yourself back where you started.",
   has light;

Object redqueen "Red Queen" Flowers
  with description "Quite unlike the chess-piece you handled \
                    earlier, Her Red Majesty stands a head taller \
                    than you, haughty and imperious.  She stares at the \
                    horizon, and pays you little attention.",
       name "red" "queen",
       pleased 0,
       before [;
         Curtsey: print "The Queen smiles.  She seems pleased at your \
                   display of respect. ^^~So, you'd like to be a Queen, \
                   would you?~ (In fact, the thought hadn't crossed your \
                   mind, but it does hold a certain appeal.) ~I'd like to \
                   advise you, but--~ ^^You wait for her to complete her \
                   sentence, but she doesn't.^"; redqueen.pleased = 1; rtrue;
       life [;
         Ask: if (redqueen.pleased==0)
              "The Queen seems displeased.  Evidently you haven't \
               shown her the proper courtesy.";
              if (second == 'pencil' && pencil notin player && pencil notin
              "~Perhaps one of the other royalty can help you.  I'm sure \
               I don't know anything about it.~";
              if (second == 'pencil' && pencil in player)
              "~It's right there in your hand, child.~";
              if (second == 'pencil' && pencil in Flowers)
              "~It's at your feet.  Such an untidy child!~";
              if (second == 'king')
              "~Meek and timid.~";
              if (second == 'note')
              "~Do you see a writing implement anywhere about me?~ Now that \
               she mentions it, you don't.";
              if (second == 'book')
              "~I haven't the means to write one, and I've already \
               read six before dinner.~";
              "~I make it a policy never to speak of such things.  I \
               find those of your age tend to forget things that aren't \
               written down.  Why, you'd need a book to keep track of \
               everything I know, and anything that's not on a note would \
               leave your head at once.~ You feel somewhat offended; after \
               all, you are seven and a half years old.";
         Give: if (redqueen.pleased == 0) "She pointedly ignores you.";
               if (redqueen.pleased == 1 && noun == pencil) print
               "~Aha!  Just the thing!~ The Queen takes the pencil and \
                rapidly scribbles out a note; curiously, the pencil seems \
                to get longer as she writes.^^When she finishes, she hands \
                you the note.  Without a word or a good-bye, she vanishes, \
                though whether into thin air or just by running you ca'n't \
                make out.^"; move note to player; move pencil to redqueen;
   has animate female;

Object note "note"
  with description "It's all written in some language you ca'n't \
                    understand.  If your father were here, he could \
                    translate it, but he's not, and you are on your own.",
       name "note" "paper",
       before [;
         Read: <<Examine note>>;
         Reflect: if (second ~= mirror) "What a strange idea!";
                  if (player notin table)
                  "You ca'n't see that in the looking-glass.";
                  print "You hold the note up to the mirror; it's now \
                         readable.  It says: ^\
                   ^     1.  To move about in the Looking-Glass world, \
                   move away from your destination.  ^\
                   ^     2.  Remember that a Pawn may move two squares in \
                   its first move.  ^\
                   ^     3.  When you reach the Eighth Square, you shall \
                   become a Queen. ^\
                   ^     4.  Speak in French when you ca'n't think of the \
                   English for a thing--turn out your toes when you walk\
                   --and always remember who you are."; deadflag = 2;

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